Vol 2, No 1 (2012)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


Study of different setup costs in SingleGA to solve a one-dimensional cutting stock problem PDF
Julliany Sales Brandão ., Alessandra Martins Coelho ., Felipe do Carmo ., João Flávio Vasconcelos3 .
Accessibility of Website for Visually Challenged: Combined Tree Structure and XML Metadata PDF
Young Lee ., Victoria Christy Sathya Rajasekar ., Prawanth Reddy Kasula .
Digital Binary Codes Transmission via TDMA Networks Communication System Using Dark and Bright Optical Soliton PDF
I. S. Amiri, A. Shahidinejad ., A. Nikoukar ., M. Ranjbar ., J. Ali ., P. P. Yupapin .
Enhancing Teaching & Learning of Software Engineering in an International Environment PDF
Emanuel S. Grant ., Washington I. Helps .
How Can We Make Language Learning Effective and Sustainable Outside the ClassroomUsing Self-accessCALL withBlogging? PDF
Yuko Ikuma .
The strategies in passing enterprise resource planning certifications PDF
Hsing-Yu ., Hou .
The Making of IT Teachers: Lessons Learned from Animation-enhanced Training PDF
Hafizul Fahri Hanafi ., Khairulanuar Samsuddin ., Norhisham Mohamad Nordin ., Ashardi Abas ., Che Soh Said .
Mathematical Modeling of The SIP Call PDF
Ravonimanantsoa N.M ., Randriamitantsoa A.A ., Rakotondraina T.E .
A Clustering Criterion Based on Distortion Ratios and Its Algorithms PDF
Fujiki Morii .
A Comparison of Techniques for Name Matching PDF
Taoxin Peng ., Lin Li ., Jessie Kennedy .
iWAP: ASingle Pass Approach for Web Access Sequential Pattern Mining PDF
Tarannum Shaila Zaman ., Nafisah Islam ., Chowdhury Farhan Ahmed ., Byeong-Soo Jeong .
Mining Time-delayed Gene Regulation Patterns from Gene Expression Data PDF
Huang-Cheng Kuo ., Pei-Cheng Tsai .
Bahrain National Enterprise Architecture Framework: a Platform towards a GCC EA Initiative PDF
Ali AlSoufi .
Image analysis for detecting the transverse profile of worn-out rails PDF
G. Parla ., M. Guerrieri ., D. Ticali .
Learning Visual Categories based on Probabilistic Latent Component Models with Semi-supervised Labeling PDF
Masayasu Atsumi .
Personality Analysis Through Handwriting PDF
Rashi Kacker ., Hima Bindu Maringanti .
Investigating the Effect of Spatial Distribution and Spatiotemporal Information on Speciation using Individual-Based Ecosystem Simulation PDF
Morteza Mashayekhi ., Robin Gras .
A Real-time Global Optimal Path Planning for mobile robot in Dynamic Environment Based on Artificial Immune Approach PDF
A. Eslami ., S. Asadi ., G.R. Soleymani ., V. Azimirad .
Performance Evaluation of Multicore Cache Locking using Multimedia Applications PDF
Abu Asaduzzaman .
Fibre Channel Switch Modeling at Fibre Channel-2 Level for Large Fabric Storage Area Network Simulations using OMNeT++ PDF
Suresh Muknahallipatna ., Timothy J. Brothers ., Joseph Miles ., Howard Johnson .
Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network for Air Wave Estimation in Marine Control Source Electromagnetic Data PDF
Muhammad Abdulkarim ., Afza Shafie ., Noorhana Yahya ., Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad ., Radzuan Razali .
Locating Reusable Classes Using Dependency in Object-Oriented Software PDF
Young Lee ., Jeong Yang .
Generation of Quantum Photon Information Using Extremely Narrow Optical Tweezers for Computer Network Communication PDF
I. S. Amiri ., A. Nikoukar ., A. Shahidinejad ., M. Ranjbar ., J. Ali ., P. P. Yupapin .
Managing Overlapping Data Structures for Data-Parallel Applications on Distributed Memory Architectures PDF
Mads Ruben Burgdorff Kristensen ., Brian Vinter .
An Enhanced Boyer-Moore Algorithm for WorstCase Running Time PDF
Manjit Jaiswal ., Dr. Nilay Khare .
A CCA2 secure Code based encryption scheme in the Standard Model PDF
Preetha Mathew K ., C. Pandu Rangan ., Sachin Vasant ., Sridhar Venkatesan .
Preventing Web Browser From Cyber Attack PDF
Nor Fatimah Awang ., Arniyati Ahmad ., Siti Rohaidah Ahmad .
Privacy Protection by Anonymizing Based on Status of Provider and Community PDF
Kazutomo Hamamoto ., Yasuyuki Tahara ., Akihiko Ohsuga .
Validation of Wall Element Technique of Turbulent Flow PDF
Sabah Tamimi .
Home Occupancy Agent: Occupancy and Sleep Detection PDF
Stephen Makonin ., Fred Popowich .
On Sphere Detection for OFDM Based MIMO Systems PDF
Md. Shamser Alam .
Correctness and Completeness of CASE Tools in Reverse EngineeringSource Code into UML Model PDF
Hafeez Osman ., Michel R.V. Chaudron .
Towards a Formal Approach to Validating and Verifying Functional Design for Complex Safety Critical Systems PDF
Emanuel S. Grant ., Vanessa K. Jackson ., Sophine A. Clachar .
A Multi-Process Quality Model: Identification of Key Processes in the Integration Approach PDF
Shamsul Sahibuddin ., Aedah Abd Rahman ., Suhaimi Ibrahim .
Performance Evaluation of Automated Static Analysis Tools PDF
Cathleen L. Blackmon ., Daisy F. Sang ., Chang-Shyh Peng .
An Approach for Constraint Based Heuristic Method of Generating Houses and Building Blueprints for Real-time Applications PDF
Daniel Sanchez ., Elio Lozano ., Juan M. Solá-Sloan .
Turbo roundabouts: geometric design parameters and performance analysis PDF
D. Ticali ., F. Corriere .
Performance Analysis of a Fibre Channel Switch supporting Node Port Identifier Virtualization PDF
Suresh Muknahallipatna ., Joseph Miles .
Optimal Web Service Selection Using UML Profile PDF
Devesh Jinwala ., Rashmi Phalnikar .
Maintaining Web Applications by Translating Among Different RIA Technologies PDF
Tomokazu Hayakawa ., Shinya Hasegawa ., Shota Yoshika ., Teruo Hikita .
Capacity and Fairness of Distributed Antenna Systems in Multi-Cell Environments with User Scheduling, Power Control and Imperfect CSI PDF
Ramiro S´amano-Robles ., At´ılio M.S. Gameiro .
Mobile LearningPlatform: a case study of introducing m-learning in Tertiary Education PDF
Nana Kofi ANNAN ., George O. OFORI-DWUMFUO ., Morten FALCH .