A CCA2 secure Code based encryption scheme in the Standard Model

Preetha Mathew K ., C. Pandu Rangan ., Sachin Vasant ., Sridhar Venkatesan .


This paper proposes an encryption scheme secure
against chosen cipher text attack, built on the Niederreiter
encryption scheme. The security of the scheme is based on the
hardness of the Syndrome Decoding problem and the Goppa Code
Distinguishability problem. The scheme uses the techniques provided
by Peikert and Waters using the lossy trapdoor functions.
Compared to the existing IND-CCA2 secure variants in standard
model due to Dowsley et.al. and Freeman et. al. (using the
repetition paradigm initiated by Rosen and Segev), this scheme
is more efficient as it avoids repetitions.

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