An Approach for Constraint Based Heuristic Method of Generating Houses and Building Blueprints for Real-time Applications

Daniel Sanchez ., Elio Lozano ., Juan M. Solá-Sloan .


Most city-generation computer graphic algorithms
are focused on creating exteriors by extruding some random
shapes. The problem with this approach is that the interiors are
ignored. This paper presents a series of algorithms and heuristics
to generate building blueprints of single or multi-floor houses.
The type and cost of the building establish the lot space available
for it. In the case of a single floor, rooms with their corresponding
doors and windows will be placed on the space randomly by
following a set of conditions that dictate where the rooms can
be placed with respect to each other. In the case of multiple
floors, the first floor contains public rooms only; the upper floors
contain private rooms. The algorithm’s output consists of a twodimensional
drawing of the floor plans and a three-dimensional
model of the generated house. The experiments show that this
algorithm can generate a large number of houses in a short
period of time.

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