The strategies in passing enterprise resource planning certifications

Hsing-Yu ., Hou .


The passing rate of certification is the hot topic for
Taiwan Universities of Science and Technology. Therefore, the
strategies for the students in computer education need to be discussed
to improve successful opportunities. In this paper, action research and
data mining played important roles to collect and analyze data. The
instructor arranged three semesters to take experiments in Enterprise
Resource Planning subjects. Also E-Learning platform was set up to
provide the other practice way. From the first to the second semester,
the researcher found that motivation, hard work in the learning process
and review were key secrets for the students to pass the certifications.
So that attitude was the basis, more practice and truly understanding
were two important skills to improve the certification performance. In
the third semester, there were two rules in passing the ERP exam
successfully. One was that if spending time in E-Materials were high,
the result was passing. The other was that if spending time in
E-Materials were normal and gender was female, the output was
passing. Therefore, the aided tool for students was important to review
thoroughly and the performance could also be improved. Besides, the
experience sharing would also contribute to the computer science

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