Mathematical Modeling of The SIP Call

Ravonimanantsoa N.M ., Randriamitantsoa A.A ., Rakotondraina T.E .


The use of VoIP is becoming more common in the
world of the Internet
Modeling of voice over IP at the server is an interesting work
for future uses of this technology. The reason for this
mathematical modeling is to forecast or predict the levels of
bandwidth allocated for a number of user. While using different
parameters assumed to be used according to their use in the
server ie CPU, NIC, memory. The allocation of new parameters,
such as the protocol and are used logiciles recently studied. In
this paper, we propose a new mathematical model polynomial
models to predict the use of the network interfaces using the SIP
protocol. Our method aims to determine the number of clients
possible for a mini VoIP server. It has several advantages such as
the definition of a minimum required for the deployment of a
VoIP family and also the limited number of clients using the
server capacity. For our experiment we conducted a simulation of
SIP call and deduce the mathematical model by interpolation.

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