Vol 1, No 2 (2011)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


Issues and Challenges in Applying Computer-Based Distance Learning system as an alternative to traditional training methods PDF
Thamer Ahmad ., Huda Ibrahim ., Shafiz Affendi Mohd Yusof .
Test Pattern Generation Algorithm Using Structurally Synthesized BDD PDF
Naveen Singh Bisht ., Shrinivas Yadav ., Praveen Kumar K ., Mousumi Saha .
Implementation of DNA Pattern Recognition in Turing Machines PDF
Sumitha C.H .
A Precise Evolutionary Approach to Solve Multivariable Functional Optimization PDF
Md. Robiul Islam, M.A.H. Akhand ., K. Murase .
GPUMemSort: A High Performance Graphics Co-processors Sorting Algorithm for Large Scale In-Memory Data PDF
Yin Ye ., Zhihui Du ., David A. Bader ., Quan Yang ., Weiwei Huo .
Image Segmentation using Two-Layer Pulse Coupled Neural Network with Inhibitory Linking Field PDF
Heggere S. Ranganath ., Ayesha Bhatnagar .
Efficient Fractal Image Coding using Fast Fourier Transform PDF
S.B Dhok ., R.B.Deshmukh ., A.G. Keskar .
Application Virtualization for Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria PDF
Desmennu Senanu Rita ., Ikhu-Omoregbe Nicholas .
Rotation independent hierarchical representation for Open and Closed Curves and its Applications PDF
Vineetha Bettaiah ., Thejaswi Raya ., Heggere Ranganath ., Siddharth Shivapuja .
Key Agreement for Large-Scale Dynamic Peer Group PDF
Xun Yi ., Eiji Okamoto .
A Novel Co-operative Channel Assignment Scheme for Indoor Base Stations PDF
Akindele Segun AFOLABI ., Chikara OHTA ., Hisashi TAMAKI .
A Rule Based Taxonomy of Dirty Data PDF
Lin Li ., Taoxin Peng ., Jessie Kennedy .
Securing End-to-End Wireless Mesh Networks Ticket-Based Authentication. PDF
Rushdi A. Hamamreh ., Anas M. Melhem .
Developing a neighborhood-scale wireless notification prototype PDF
Murali Venkatesh ., Bahram Attaie .
Nachiketa Sharma ., Ramana Kapavarapu .
A Real-time Service Oriented Infrastructure PDF
Dimosthenis Kyriazis ., Andreas Menychtas ., George Kousiouris ., Michael Boniface ., Tommaso Cucinotta ., Karsten Oberle ., Thomas Voith ., Eduardo Oliveros ., Sören Berger .
A Knowledge Management Approach: Business Intelligence in an Intranet Data Warehouse PDF
Lisa Soon ., Campbell Fraser .
A Novel Approach to Multiagent based Scheduling for Multicore Architecture PDF
G.Muneeswari ., A.Sobitha Ahila ., Dr.K.L.Shunmuganathan .
New Architecture for EIA-709.1 Protocol Implementation PDF
Su Goog Shon ., Soo Mi Yang ., Soo Mi Yang ., Jae Jo Lee ., Jae Jo Lee .
Applying GPUs for Smith-Waterman Sequence Alignment Acceleration PDF
Phong H.Pham ., Tan N. Duong ., Ngoc M.Ta ., Cuong Q.Tran ., Duc H.Nguyen ., Thuy T.Nguyen ., Hung D.Le .
A Framework for Measuring the Performance and Power Consumption of Storage Components under Typical Workload PDF
DongJin Lee ., Michael O’Sullivan ., Cameron Walker .
Hybrid Distributed Real Time Scheduling Algorithm PDF
A.Prashanth Rao ., Dr.A. Govardhan ., C.Venu Gopal .
Effects of Data Imputation Methods on Data Missingness in Data Mining PDF
Marvin L. Brown ., Chien-Hua Mike Lin .
The ICT Induced Business Reconfiguration from Evolution to Revolution (A Case Study of Public Sector Banks in Sri Lanka) PDF
Poongothai Selvarajan .
Estimating Demand for Dynamic Pricing in Electronic Markets PDF
John Cartlidge ., Steve Phelps .
An Improved Modular Hybrid Ant Colony Approach for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem PDF
Sudip Kumar Sahana ., Dr.(Mrs).Aruna Jain .
Parallel Solution of Covering Problems Super-Linear Speedup on a Small Set of Cores PDF
Bernd Steinbach ., Christian Posthoff .
Efficient Implementation of Parallel Path Planning Algorithms on GPUs PDF
Ralf Seidler ., Michael Schmidt ., Andreas Schäfer ., Dietmar Fey .
Design and Simulation of High Performance Parallel Architectures Using the ISAC Language PDF
Zdeněk Přikryl ., Jakub Křoustek ., Tomáš Hruška ., Dušan Kolář ., Karel Masařík ., Adam Husár .
Mobile Based Interaction System for the Paralyzed People PDF
Kirti Srivastava ., Animesh ., Dr.M.Hima Bindu .
R.Dhanagopal ., B.Manivasakam .
ATM Frauds -Preventive Measures and Cost Benefit PDF
Lawan Ahmed Mohammed .
How to improve performance of Neural Network in the hardened password mechanism PDF
Narainsamy Pavaday ., Insah Bhurtah ., Dr. K.M.Sunjiv Soyjaudah .
Exploitation of Vulnerabilities in Cloud-Storage PDF
Narendran Calluru Rajasekar ., Chris O. Imafidon .
Identifying Potential Security Flaws using Loophole Analysis and the SECREt PDF
Curtis Busby-Earle ., Ezra K. Mugisa .