Hybrid Distributed Real Time Scheduling Algorithm

A.Prashanth Rao ., Dr.A. Govardhan ., C.Venu Gopal .


In the design of real time distributed system, the
scheduling problem is considered to be nature of NP Hard
and has been addressed in the literature. However due
growing complexities of real time applications, there is
need to find optimal dynamic scheduling algorithm. In this
paper, we describe a heuristic hybrid scheduling algorithm
which combines both static and dynamic tasks. Initially a
processor can be allocated a fixed number of units based on
pre-defined tasks which are generated from different
sensors and there will certain number of units are meant for
dynamically created tasks. When a dynamic task arrives at
a node, the local scheduler at that node attempts to
guarantee that the task will complete execution before its
deadline, on that node. If the attempt fails the scheduler
searches the node where task will feasibly scheduled. This
type of scheduling performs the best results and scheduling
algorithm can be configurable.

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