A Knowledge Management Approach: Business Intelligence in an Intranet Data Warehouse

Lisa Soon ., Campbell Fraser .


For contemporary businesses to stay viable, business
intelligence is mission critical. Although the importance of
business intelligence is recognised, there is limited research on
what information contributes to business intelligence and how
business intelligence is sought for use in an organisational
intranet. This research discusses how business intelligence is
sought, captured and used having tapped into an intranet data
warehouse as a knowledge management approach. It adopts
qualitative case study method using interviews and observation
techniques. A case study was conducted to examine how an
Intranet system was designed, how business intelligence was
captured, and how it aided strategic planning and decision
making in business operation. The respondents explained how
structured business intelligence data was categorised and
disseminated to users and how the used information empowered
staff in their work performance. The intranet design successfully
retains staff knowledge within the organisation. It was also
successful in drawing all internal resources together, capturing
resources from external sources, and forming a common
repository of organisational assets for use through organisational
work procedures within the intranet.

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