Vol 1, No 1 (2010)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


The Design and Implementation of a Testbed for Comparative Game AI Studies PDF
Hollie Boudreaux ., Jim Ethredge ., Ashok Kumar .
Continuous and Reinforcement Learning Methods for First-Person Shooter Games PDF
Tony C. Smith ., Jonathan Miles .
Mining Human Shape Perception with Role Playing Games PDF
Golam Ashraf ., Yong Peng Why ., Md. Tanvirul Islam .
Video Game Design Method for Novice PDF
Wei-Da Hao ., Akash Khurana .
Immersive Gaming in a Hemispherical Dome Case study: Blender Game Engine PDF
Paul David Bourke ., Dalai Quintanilha Felinto .
Towards Teaching Secondary School Physics in an Immersive 3D Game Environment PDF
Bill Rogers ., Dacre Denny ., Jonathan Stichbury .
Perception Enhanced Virtual Environment for Maritime Applications PDF
Damitha Sandaruwan ., Nihal Kodikara ., Chamath Keppitiyagama ., Rexy Rosa .
Multi-view Rendering using GPU for 3-D Displays PDF
François de Sorbier ., Vincent Nozick ., Hideo Saito .
ToyBox Futuristi: An Expression of Futurism via Digital Puppetry PDF
Goutham Dindukurthi ., Cory Garfin ., Carlos Hurtado ., EJ Lee ., Matt McLean ., Kana Otaki ., Francisco Souki .
Collaborative Educational Game for Thai Primary School Students PDF
Natticha Gasonpan ., Punnarumol Temdee .
Improving Performance of Online Game Services via Graphic Processor: An Empirical Investigation PDF
Rittichai Jitpukdeebodintra ., Suntorn Witosurapot2 .
Using a Game Engine to Integrate Experimental, Field, and Simulation Data for Science Education: You Are the Scientist! PDF
Jean-Yves Herv´ ., Brian Mullen ., Tom´as Francisco Yago Vicente ., Christopher T.S. Allen ., Charles Morace ., Ivan Otterness .
Sustainable Business Strategies and PESTEL Framework PDF
Dr Tomayess Issa ., A/Prof. Vanessa Chang ., Dr Theodora Issa .
The Case for Medium-Sized Regional Data Centres PDF
Kate Craig-Wood ., Prof. Paul Krause ., Nick Craig-Wood .
Governance Framework for Cloud Computing PDF
Chris Peiris ., Bala Balachandran ., Dharmendra Sharma .
A Conceptual Analysis on the Taxation System for Highly Virtual Enterprises PDF
Guozhen George Huang .
Cloud Computing and Virtualization: The “Entrepreneur without Borders” Workbench for 21st Century Enterprise Development PDF
Dr. William J. Lawrence ., Mr. James K. Chang .
Decision Support for Selection of Cloud Service Providers PDF
Tomas Sander ., Siani Pearson .
Virtual Machines Performance Modeling with Support Vector Regressions PDF
Shing H. Doong ., Chih C. Lai ., Shie J. Lee ., Chen S. Ouyang ., Chih H. Wu .
Formulating a Security Layer of Cloud Data Storage Framework Based on Multi Agent System Architecture PDF
Rodziah Atan ., Amir Mohamed Talib ., Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad .
Cloud Computing Tipping Point Model PDF
Chris Peiris ., Bala Balachandran ., Dharmendra Sharma .
Implications of Cloud Computing on Digital Forensics PDF
Vincent Urias ., John Young ., Sherelle Hatcher .
An Approach to Enable Cloud-Computing by the Abstraction of Event-Processing Classes PDF
Jonathan Eccles ., George Loizou .
Analysis of Advanced Encryption Standards PDF
Minal Moharir ., Dr. A V Suresh .
A Decision Support System for Moving Workloads to Public Clouds PDF
Mohammad Firoj Mithani ., Michael A. Salsburg, Ph.D. ., Shrisha Rao, Ph.D. .
Monitoring in a Virtualized Environment PDF
Midhun Chandran ., Jayant Walvekar .
Multicast Delivery of IPTV Over the Internet PDF
Dane L. Jackson ., Raymond A. Hansen ., Anthony H. Smith .
Networked Games based on Web Services PDF
Chong-wei Xu ., Hongwei Lei ., Daniel Xu .
MCQ Exams Correction in an Offline Network Using XML PDF
Jehad Al-Sadi ., Daed Al-Halabi ., Hasan Al-Halabi .