Analysis of Advanced Encryption Standards

Minal Moharir ., Dr. A V Suresh .


The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES),
the block cipher ratified as a standard by National Institute
of Standards and Technology of the United States (NIST), was
chosen using a process markedly more open and transparent
than its predecessor, the aging Data Encryption Standard
Fifteen algorithm were submitted as to NIST in 1998 ,
NIST choose five finalist.
NIST primary selection criteria are security, performance,
and flexibility. This paper enlightens the last two criteria. In
this paper we have discussed software performance of five AES
The paper specifically compares performance of the five
AES finalist on a verity of common software platform: 32-bit
CPU( both large and smaller microprocessors, smart cards,
embedded microprocessors) and high end 64-bits CPUs.

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