Vol 4, No 2 (2017)

Journal on Education (JEd)

Table of Contents


The Missing Link Between Student Capabilitiesand Motivation: Perceived Self-Efficacy PDF
Bent B Andresen
The Implementation of Active Learning Model for Preparing Pre-Service Teachers PDF
Didin Wahidin, Hendi Suhendraya Muchtar, Yayu Laila SulastriĀ , Zubaedah Wiji Lestari
The Implementation of Andragogy Approach in Learning Interaction PDF
Hendi Suhendraya Muchtar, Revita Yanuarsari
A Very Short Capstone Project Design Management and Design Tactics PDF
T. Hui Teo
A Structured Training Course for Non-structured Design Course PDF
T.Hui Teo, Mei Yu Soh, Wen Xian Ng, Denise Lee
Analysis of Linguistic and Discourse Features of the Essays Written for the York English Language Test PDF
Nadia Tarique Haque
E-Learning through Cloud Computing ServicesProvided by Academic Libraries for PromotingResearch and Development PDF
Govindarajan Thamaraiselvi
The Experience of A First-time Online Cultural Studies Instructor: A Case Study PDF
Esther Smidt, Michelle McGowan, Timothy Kochem, Maria Van Liew
An Experimental Study on Using Instructional Pronunciation Video to Improve Studentsā€™ Pronunciation PDF
Siew Lee Chang, Natalie Ann Gregory, Priscilla Shak