An Experimental Study on Using Instructional Pronunciation Video to Improve Students’ Pronunciation

Siew Lee CHANG, Natalie Ann GREGORY, Priscilla SHAK


Technology has been used in many ways to enhance language learning. Professional literature and research have shown that using video technology in the teaching and learning of pronunciation in the English language classroom has been useful. This study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of an Instructional Pronunciation Video (IPV) in helping students with low oral proficiency to improve their English pronunciation. The one group pre-test post-test experimental research design is employed in determining whether the use of the IPV will lead to improvement in the students’ pronunciation. The data of this quantitative study were generated from the audio recordings of the pre and post reading aloud tests of 20 university students for identifying students’ pronunciation errors. The numbers of pronunciation errors from the pre and post reading aloud tests were then compared, in order to determine if there is any difference in students’ achievement after the IPV intervention. It was found that students improved significantly in their post reading aloud test as they made less pronunciation errors in the post reading aloud test by 48.7%. Therefore, it is recommended that instructors utilise IPV to support English pronunciation learning.


instructional pronunciation video; pronunciation; reading test

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