Assessment Strategies for Student Recruitment and Retention in Engineering

Hamid Fardi, Gita Alaghband


A recruitment and retention program is developed and assessed for undergraduate engineering students. The goal is to recruit students with academic talent and to provide the financial, academic and social network supports that prepare these students to graduate in the field of engineering. The program has three main components: (1) A pre-collegiate summer workshop designed to introduce engineering concepts to high school students through a new multidisciplinary precollegiate summer course; (2) Scholarships for full-time students enrolled in the program who demonstrate financial need and academic achievement; (3) A network of academic and social support that will help students persist in their studies at a high level of achievement, complete their baccalaureate in a timely manner, and pursue careers and educational opportunities in the field. By focusing the program within the college of engineering we are able to facilitate the institution of a program-centered community of learners whose members share common goals, interests, and identity that are associated with achievement and persistence toward graduation. During a four year period we were able to recruit and retain 25 students in four engineering majors.


Undergraduate; Engineering; Retention Recruitment; Assessment

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