Vol 3, No 3 (2013)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


Image Enlargement Based on Proportional Salient Feature PDF
I Komang Somawirata ., Keiichi Uchimura ., Gou Koutaki .
Brief Study of Identification System Using Regression Neural Network Based on Delay Tap Structures PDF
Alvin Sahroni .
A Corporation Cyber War Strategy PDF
Dr Amer Nizar AbuAli ., Saeb Sisan .
Education in IT Security: A Case Study in Banking Industry PDF
TSE W.K. DANIEL ., HUI M.H ., LAM S.T., ., MOK Y.C., ., OEI W.C., ., TANG K.L ., YAU X.L. .
Innovative Education Environment and Open Data Initiative : Steps t owards User - P owered Society - O riented Systems PDF
O. Khriyenko ., T. Khriyenko2 .
Just-In-Time Compilation of NumPy Vector Operations PDF
Johannes Lund ., Mads R. B. Kristensen ., Simon A. F. Lund ., Brian Vinter .
Multiple Buffering for Parallel Approximate Sequence Matching using Disk-based Suffix Tree on Multi-core CPU PDF
Yousuke Watanuki ., Keiichi Tamura ., Hajime Kitakami ., Yoshifumi Takahashi .
Efficient Migration of Application to Clouds: Analysis and Comparison PDF
Rashmi Rai ., Dr. Shabana Mehfuz ., Dr. G. Sahoo .
A Model of Acceptance of Web 2.0 in learning in higher education: a case study of two cultures PDF
Abel Usoro ., Razep Echeng ., Grzegorz Majewski .
An Accelerating 3D Image Reconstruction System Based on the Level-of-Detail Algorithm PDF
Tsung-Yu Lee ., Ren-Guey Lee ., Sheng-Chung Tien ., Robert Lin ., Wei-Hua Su .
Unified Modeling Language in History and Social Science Education PDF
Jan Bergandy .
Conceptualizing Quality in Software Industry PDF
Nermine M. Khalifa ., Mona M. Abd Elghany .
Music, Mathematics, and Microcomputers Building upon a Classical Tradition PDF
Nigel Gwee .
Agile Software Development and Service Science How to develop IT-enabled Services in an Interdisciplinary Environment PDF
Andreas Meier ., Jenny C. Ivarsson .
Effects of Solo and Pair Programming Instructional Strategies on Students’ Academic Achievement in Visual-Basic.Net Computer Programming Language PDF
Owolabi, J., ., Adedayo, O.A ., Amao-Kehinde, A.O ., Olayanju, T.A. .
Boosting the Opportunities of Open Learning (MOOCs) through Learning T heories PDF
Heba A. Fasihuddin ., Geoff D. Skinner ., Rukshan I. Athauda .
Using a Class-Wide, Semester-Long Project to Teach Software Engineering Principles PDF
Paul E. Young ., Donald M. Needham .
Wireless Learning Technology in Higher Education – a Case Study in Singapore PDF
Abhishek Bhati ., Teoh Teik Toe ., Anita Lundberg ., Margaret Carter .