A Corporation Cyber War Strategy

Dr Amer Nizar AbuAli ., Saeb Sisan .


A corporation cyber war is a new type of attack that will be considered as a more dangerous attack faces the different corporations in each country in the world. The importance of a corporation cyber war now increases more and more, because of its large passive impact on a corporations work. So each country must start to defend against this type of this attack by preparing efficient strategies to reduce impacts of corporation cyber war attack to acceptable level. This paper will mention strategy to defend against corporation cyber war, which can be considered as a first step toward protecting corporations from corporation cyber war threat in efficient way and using understandable approach. Most research papers focus on cyber war between countries while our research contribution focuses on new side by focus on using of cyber war as a tool that can be used by one company against other companies by show how to prevent information warfare between companies from strategically view to help countries to address this issue and we take Jordan as a case study, so this research results can be increased trust on computing for society by increasing security and encourage more investment in information technology through prevent abusing of computers.

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