Fallacy Frenzy in Advanced Level Classes of English Language in Tertiary Level: An Education for Academia and Beyond

Farrah Jabeen


This paper draws attention to the teaching of fallacy and through this process the attainment of in-depth education. Writing class, in the curriculum of English as a Second Language or Foreign Language context, is always an area of trial and error and eventual success. Moreover, the academic writing is a difficult part for the students where they need much effort. The main focus of this paper is how teaching fallacy helps in research learning process which is an integral part of academic writing and how learning across the curriculum makes knowledge profound. Students’ primary reaction and their gradual understanding of the entire journey of fallacy teaching are discussed here too. The methods practiced for this teaching of fallacy in the language class are also evaluated here. A literature review is done to point out different scholarly views of language teaching and learning, education in academia, students’ initial exposure to fallacy. Fallacy as a practice to ensure learning across the curriculum and in this way an essential education from academia till professional world are reflected here to point out an important intellectual exposure for the students.


Fallacy Education; Learning across the curriculum; Academia; Professional world.

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