Investigating Students' Needs in a Chinese Language Program

Ko-Yin Sung ., Hsiao-Mei Tsai


This study investigates students' needs in a Chinese
language program from a university in Utah, the United States.
The present study had two aims. First, the study attempted to
find students' necessities, lacks, and wants. Second, the study
tried to determine to what extent the students' perceived needs
differ from the teachers' views and the learning objectives posted
by the department. The study results showed that the students
rated speaking and listening skills as highly important. Moreover,
the skill the students lacked most was grammar. Additionally, the
students desired to take conversation and business courses most.
Finally, this study found that the students, the teachers, and the
department learning objectives only partially agreed with each
other. Based on these findings, implications were given and
teaching suggestions were recommended.


needs analysis, Chinese, college level, foreign language learning

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