Student Appreciation towards Online Learning Management System: A Study in Universitas Padjadjaran Indonesia

Ira Mirawati ., Jenny Ratna Suminar


Online Learning Management System (LMS) has been
widely applied in Indonesian universities, but not all optimally
managed. That is one of the reasons why students do not
appreciate and access it.
Universitas Padjadjaran is one of the universities in
Indonesia who realize the importance of e-learning. It is then
Unpad e-Learning Centre need to take measurements for student
appreciation about their online Learning Management system.
This study is an exploratory survey on student
appreciation toward online learning management system in the
University of Padjadjaran. One hundred and eight students
participated. They filled out a survey which explore their
appreciation of the LMS that have been used in Universitas
The results show that almost half of students have a
high appreciation toward online learning system which has been
implemented. This means that they are able to understand, have
a high sense of contentment, and know the benefits of this
learning method for them.


Appreciation, Learning Management System, e- Learning

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