A Mismatch between Curriculum Intentions and Textbook Design An Assessment of Mathematics Textbooks for Lower Secondary School in Kosovo

Valbone Berisha, Hasan Jashari, Xhevdet Thaqi


This paper discusses the functionality of mathematics textbooks for lower secondary school in Kosovo, as representations of the curriculum. A summary is given of the main orientations and aims of the current Kosovo curriculum for mathematics in lower secondary school. This is followed by an assessment of the level of implementation of the main curriculum objectives within textbook design and an analysis of the nature of the key elements of textbook content that enable curricular objectives to be met. These elements include the use of motivational factors, real and interdisciplinary application of mathematical concepts and content in the expository parts of the text, worked – out examples, the use of real and interdisciplinary contexts in the tasks for students to work through individually, problems and problem-solving procedures and strategies, as well as the inclusion of a range of individual and group learning activities. The results of the analysis indicate a huge mismatch between the main curriculum objectives and textbook design. The conclusion is that Kosovan students in lower secondary school are not given adequate opportunities for developing critical mathematical skills and abilities in accordance with the orientations of the national curriculum.


Mathematics curriculum, Mathematics textbooks, Lower secondary school, Problem-solving

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