Vol 2, No 3 (2012)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


Artificial Education: Expert systems used to assist and support 21st century education. PDF
Jenny C. Sora ., Dr. Sebastian A. Sora .
Cloud service purchasedecision process PDF
Jaromir Veber .
Requirements for Game Based Cognitive Intervention System for Acquired Brain Injury PDF
Ahmed M. Elaklouk ., Nor Azan Mat Zin .
Cloud Computing Security for Organizations using Live Signature – TPALM Printing Client Service PDF
Atif Farid Mohammad ., Emanuel S. Grant .
Methods of Creating Destructible Assets for Video Games PDF
Ryan M. Hoss ., Todd B. Emma .
A Framework for Supporting Immersion in Commodity Gaming PDF
P. D. Bourke .
Researches on Cognitive Process and Their Applications to Organizational Change in Information Systems PDF
Jaesung Sim .
Using Appropriate E-learning Systems to Optimize Teaching and Learning PDF
Rob Byrd .
Analyzing the Learning Modes of Learners using Time-Management Modules in Self-Paced Learning PDF
Juin-Ling Tseng ., Ing-Chyi Pai .
Transition of an Effective E-Learning Platform Application of Quality Program Elements into New Environment PDF
Dr. Christopher Foster .
Generating Embedded Systems Software using a Component Based Development Approach PDF
Dr. Mark Dixon .
Automatic 3D reconstruction: An exploration of the state of the art PDF
Paul Bourke .
Performance of a discrete Linear Quadratic Gaussian controller with a realistic noise model for adaptive optics PDF
Mikhail V. Konnik ., James S. Welsh .
Intelligent Multidimensional Modelling PDF
Swati Hira ., Dr. Parag S. Deshpande .
Applying Rely/Guarantee in Compositional Ontology Alignment PDF
Said Rabah Azzam ., Shikun Zhou .
A Co-evolutionary, Nature-Inspired Algorithm for the Concurrent Generation of Alternatives PDF
Raha Imanirad ., Xin-She Yang ., Julian S. Yeomans .
Parser as a Novel Reliability Implementation in the Pervasive Computing PDF
Erwin Adi, Michael Sunur ., Kenrick Tjandrean ., Minaldi Loeis .
Convex Optimization for Low-Complexity Spatial Antenna Arrays PDF
Srinivasa Yasasvy Sateesh Bhamidipati ., Robert F. Kubichek .
Expertise Profiling in Evolving Knowledgecuration Platforms PDF
Hasti Ziaimatin ., Tudor Groza ., Georgeta Bordea ., Paul Buitelaar ., Jane Hunter .
Applying Combined Efforts of Resource Capability of Project Teams for Planning and Managing Contingency Reserves for Software and Information Engineering Projects PDF
Peter H. Chang .
Prof. S. Chandrasekhar, B. Tech., M. Tec .
Cognitive Styles and Accounting Information Navigation: A Preliminary Investigation PDF
Thanachart Ritbumroong ., Uthai Tanlamai ., Somchai Supattarakul .
Business Analytics as a Framework for an Evolving Multi-Agent System PDF
Carol Anne Hargreaves ., Liya Ding .
Collecting neurophysiological data to investigate users’ cognitive states during game play PDF
Patrick Charland ., Geneviève Allaire-Duquette ., Pierre-Majorique Léger .