Vol 3, No 1 (2013)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


Hardware/Software Complex System Model For Brain Process by Configurable Circuits PDF
Masatoshi Sekine ., Hakaru Tamukoh ., Jiang Li .
Low-frequency in the Default Mode Brain Network from Spiking Neuron Model PDF
Teruya Yamanishi ., Jian-Qin Liu ., Haruhiko Nishimura ., Sou Nobukawa .
Robot Collision Avoidance with a Guaranteed Safety Zone and Randomized Symmetry Breaking PDF
Angie Shia ., Haim Schweitzer .
Stochastic Modelling to Generate Alternatives Using the Firefly Algorithm: A Simulation- Optimization Approach PDF
Raha Imanirad ., Julian S. Yeomans ., Xin-She Yang .
Young Tableaux for Gene Expressions PDF
Sanju Vaidya (Joshi) .
Up-Down Sequences of Permutations for Gene Expressions PDF
Sanju Vaidya (Joshi) .
Exploring Cloud Computing Adoptions in Public Sectors: A Case Study PDF
Fan Zhao ., Sandra D. Gaw ., Nicholas Bender ., Daniel T. Levy .
Qualitative Evaluation of Latency and Packet Loss in a Cloud-based Games PDF
Victor Clincy ., Brandon Wilgor .
Impact of Economic Globalization on the Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region Countries PDF
Suk-rutai Peerapeng ., Prasert Chaitip Ph.D .
A Discrete Haar Wavelet Based Approach for Visualizing Error Regarding a Simulated Time Series PDF
Ganegoda N.C. ., Kumara K.K.W.A.S. ., Tantrigoda D.A., ., Boralugoda S.K., ., Perera S.S.N., .
Analysis of LZW Differential Evolution for Binary Encoding PDF
Orawan Watchanupaporn ., Worasait Suwannik .
Paperless Transfer of Medical Images: Storing Patient Data in Medical Images PDF
Helga N. Crosby ., Wayne Goodridge ., Andrew Rudder .
Improving Green Computing in Business Intelligence by Measuring Performance of Reverse Supply Chains PDF
Maulida Butar Butar ., David Sanders .
Increasing Consonance and Resonance in Agile Teaching Methodologies PDF
Angela Guercio ., Paolo Maresca .
Improving Collaborative Learning Using Pervasive Embedded System-Based Multi-Agent Information and Retrieval Framework in Educational Systems PDF
A.A. Ileladewa .
Building a Successful e-Learning Project in Higher Education PDF
Natália Fernandes Gomes ., Carlos Fonseca ., María José Hernández Serrano .
Knowledge of Green Computing among University Students and Lecturers in a Malaysian Public University PDF
Abdullahi Bello ., Tunku Badariah Tunku Ahmad ., Mohamad Sahari Nordin .
Integration of Motion Sensing intoMobile Learning Applications PDF
Geoff D. Skinner .
A Semi-Automatically Assessable Design for a Hands-On Compilers Course PDF
Omar Mohammad Othman .
Examining the Influence of Social Norms on the Intention to Use Social Networking Media: A Study of Generation Z in Indonesia PDF
Adimas Baskoro Samodra ., Minsani Mariani .
An Efficient Web Service Discovery Architecture for Static and Mobile Environments PDF
Shrabani Mallick ., Dharmender Singh Kushwaha .
LinuxPREEMPT-RT vs. commercial RTOSs: how big is the performance gap? PDF
Hasan Fayyad-Kazan ., Luc Perneel ., Martin Timmerman .
The Need for a Five-Valued Logic PDF
Marion Glazerman Ben-Jacob .
Extreme Value Estimators for Stock Indices in ASEAN Economics Community PDF
Chaitip, Prasert Ph.D. ., Chaiboonsri, Chukiat Ph.D. ., Boonsue, Sarun MA .
Method of Two-dimensional Nonlinear Laplace Transformation for Solving the Navier – Stokes Equation PDF
Hikmat G. Hasanov .
The Complexity of Dance Choreography Procedures PDF
Nigel Gwee .
Procedural 3D Caves, Clouds and Architecture Generation Method Based on Shape Grammar and Morphing PDF
Tomasz Zawadzki ., Slawomir Nikiel ., Eraldo Ribeiro .