Vol 3, No 2 (2013)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


A Highly Robust Audio Monitoring System for Radio Broadcasting PDF
E.D. Nishan W. Senevirathna ., K.L. Jayaratne .
Automatic Music Genre Classification of Audio Signals with Machine Learning Approaches PDF
Y.M.D. Chathuranga ., K.L. Jayaratne .
Towards a Technology Enhanced Interaction Framework PDF
K. Angkananon ., M. Wald ., L. Gilbert .
eLearning a New Way for Saving: Guild's Survey as a Case Study PDF
Abdelsalam Obedidat ., Amer Nizar AbuAli ., Sameh Ghwanmeh .
Understanding the Behavior of Filipino Twitter Users during Disaster PDF
John Boaz Lee ., Michael YbaƱez ., Marlene M. De Leon ., Ma. Regina E. Estuar .
Real-Time Strategy Games Bot Based on a Non- Simultaneous Human-Like Movement Characteristic PDF
Damijan Novak ., Domen Verber .
Evaluating Player Strategies in the Design of a Hot Hand Game PDF
Paul Williams ., Keith Nesbitt ., Ami Eidels ., Mark Washburn ., David Cornforth .
Automated Regression Testing within Video Game Development PDF
Michail Ostrowski ., Samir Aroudj .
The Experimental Design of App Games to Bridge the Gap Between Two Generations PDF
Hsing-yu Hou .
Face Recognition Using Holistic Features and Within Class Scatter-Based PCA PDF
I Gede Pasek Suta Wijaya ., Keiichi Uchimura ., Gou Koutaki .
A Space Filling Algorithm for Generating Procedural Geometry and Texture PDF
Paul Bourke .
A Study in Multimedia Design Applied to Film Editing to Construct a Multiple Plots Movie PDF
Dr. Wu-Hsiung Chen .
Operational Analysis Revisited: Error Measure Limits of Assumptions PDF
Neal Bengtson .
Sunderland Software City: The Impact of a Collaborative Project to Develop the Software Industry Within the North East of England PDF
David Dunn ., Alastair Irons ., Peter Smith ., John MacIntyre .
Continuous Density Hidden Markov Model for Hindi Speech Recognition PDF
Shweta Sinha ., S S Agrawal ., Aruna Jain3 .