Vol 3, No 4 (2014)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


A Rule Based Cognitive System of Emotion Recognition PDF
Meenakhi Sahu ., Hima Bindu Maringanti ., Ambarish Parida .
SOX Implementation Can be a Savior or a Burden: Scholars’ & Practitioners’ Review PDF
Tse W K Daniel .
Load Allocation in Academic Environment: A Multi Objective PSO Approach PDF
Sushri Samita Rout1 ., Bijan Bihari Misra2 ., Sasmita Samanta3 .
Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to Measure Sociological Impact on Education PDF
Rev. P.R. Jayathilaka ., Lakshman Jayaratne .
Ludmila I. Kuncheva PDF
Thomas Christy .
A Proposed Method for Measuring Learning in Video Games PDF
Allan Fowler ., Brian Cusack .
Ouya: The Launch of a New Video Game Paradigm PDF
Jonathon Kissinger ., Tony Morelli .
PocketPT – A Personalized Therapeutic Game Platform PDF
Jonathan Engelsma ., April Gamble ., Cathy Harro ., John Farris .
GestureRecognition with Accelerometers for GameControllers, Phones and Wearables PDF
Anthony D. Whitehead .
LLFRP: An Energy Efficient Variant of LLF with Reduced Pre-emptions for Real – Time Systems PDF
Prashasti Baid ., Prashanth S ., Biju Raveendran* .
Using Opnet Modeller for the Delivery of the COPAR Service and Improved Availability on the Internet PDF
Rhea L. Seegobin ., Michael A. Hosein .
Music Training Interface for Visually Impaired through a Novel Approach to Optical Music Recognition PDF
Dawpadee B. Kiriella ., Shyama C. Kumari ., Kavindu C. Ranasinghe ., Lakshman Jayaratne .
Comparative Analysis of 8-Bit Adder Cells Using CLRCL Full Adder Logic PDF
Keshav Kumar ., Amit Grover ., Neeti Grover3 .
Mathematics Ability and Anxiety, Computer and Programming Anxieties, Age and Gender as Determinants of Achievement in Basic Programming PDF
Owolabi J ., Olanipekun, P. ., Iwerima, J. .
Who is Contingent on Whom? The Internet on Society, or the Society on Internet? PDF
Niti Chopra .
Transaction Processing and Distribution with COPAR and Opnet PDF
Michael A. Hosein ., Rhea L. Seegobin .
Distribution as a Process for Online Technology PDF
Pauline de Souza .
A Framework for Developing Social Networks Enabling Systems to Enhance the Transparency and Visibility of Cross-border Food Supply Chains PDF
Frank J. Xu ., Victor P. Zhao ., Lu Shan ., Chuxiong Huang .