Music Training Interface for Visually Impaired through a Novel Approach to Optical Music Recognition

Dawpadee B. Kiriella ., Shyama C. Kumari ., Kavindu C. Ranasinghe ., Lakshman Jayaratne .


some inherited barriers which limits the human
abilities can be surprisingly win through technology. This
research focuses on defining a more reliable and a controllable
interface for visually impaired people to read and study eastern
music notations which are widely available in printed format.
One of another concept behind was that differently-abled people
should be assisted in a way which they can proceed interested
tasks in an independent way. The research provide means to
continue on researching the validity of using a controllable
auditory interface instead using Braille music scripts converted
with the help of 3rd parties. The research further summarizes the
requirements aroused by the relevant users, design
considerations, evaluation results on user feedbacks of proposed

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