Integration of Motion Sensing intoMobile Learning Applications

Geoff D. Skinner .


The use of mobile devices in education has greatly increased during the last decade. At the same time, technology advances have opened new spaces and possibilities for the field of mobile-based education in the form of entertainment—where learners can achieve their learning goals whilst having fun. Games on mobile phones have also become an important part of education experienced by young people. With the advancement in technology, utilizing motion-sensors in mobile learning systems have started to evolve. Research indicates that the potential of using motion-sensors in game-based learning could achieve maximum benefits from mobile technology in game-based learning activities, as well as improving this form of e-learning entertainment technology. This paper discusses our ongoing research that aims to improve current learning mobile technologies by integrating a new innovative motion-sensing feature. These advancements are reviewed and evaluated for integration and use in a motion-sensing edutainment mobile application.

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