Increasing Consonance and Resonance in Agile Teaching Methodologies

Angela Guercio ., Paolo Maresca .


In a cooperative environment technical
excellence and high quality students’ artifacts is what
teachers strive to achieve while educating computer
science students and facing the challenges of this new
century. When agile techniques and accelerators and
injected in the process in a cooperative environment the
consonance and resonance in groups increases. This
speeds up the learning process and the quality of the
material produced by the students improves. Two
observational studies at Kent State University at Stark
and Ohio University are described in this paper. The
studies observe the usefulness of using agile teaching
techniques and analyze the quality of deliverables
produced. A post questionnaire gathered students’
feedback. The observation shows that cooperative
learning produces better results than individual
learning however consonance and resonance must be
reached before the speed is achieved.

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