Vol 1, No 4 (2016)

Journals of Advances In Medical Research (JAMR)

Table of Contents


Overcoming cancer multidrug resistance through inhibition of microparticles PDF
Sora Vysotski, Rivka Winzelberg, Dr. Mariana Babayeva
Rational Elaborated Common Strategies Employed For The Efficient in Silico Optimization Of An Accesible Synthetically (AMPs) Peptidomimetic-similar To An Amphiphile-Based Pharmacophoric Agent As A Promising Enhanced Therapeutic Antimicrobial Agent PDF
Grigoriadis Ioannis1, Grigoriadis George2, Grigoriadis Nikolaos3
High-dimension profiling data generate a multifunctional peptide-mimic chemo-structure by connecting conserved fragments based on the neutrophil immune defense CAP37 protein as an in-silico antibacterial and woundhealing candidate agent PDF
Grigoriadis Ioannis1, Grigoriadis George2, Grigoriadis Nikolaos3
Cold water extraction of codeine containing combination analgesics available prescription free in Australia PDF
Cornelia Locher
Efficacy of paliperidone palmitate in the treatment of schizophrenia and its effect on psychosocial and occupational functioning in patients: 2 Case studies PDF
Sunny Johnson, Raheem Remtulla, Ryan C Poolay, Sahar Arshed
An investigation into the factors governing the degree of dissolution enhancement of solid dispersion for poorly soluble drugs PDF
Ahmed Bassam Farhan, Siok-Yee Chan