A Comprehensive Instrument for Measuring Knowledge Management System Satisfaction

Nur Fazidah Elias ., Ramlee Ab. Ghani ., Masnizah Mohd .


This paper study on measuring the user satisfaction
of Knowledge Resources for Science and Technology Excellence
Malaysia (KRSTE.my) as a medium for managing knowledge in
Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), amongst the
registered users. As a Knowledge Management System (KMS),
KRSTE.my functions as a collector of STI information related
material, provides a platform for collaboration and discussion of
the community, and also a receptor of the latest inventions in
STI. This study proposes an integrated instrument for the
empirical evaluation of user’s satisfaction of a KMS. We have
consolidated factors from several instruments developed by
previous researchers. This effort has resulted in a comprehensive
instrument for measuring users' satisfaction of a knowledge
management system. The instrument consists of six knowledge
factors, namely: content, map, manipulation, community,
usefulness, and security, which measure the level of user
satisfaction towards the system. The instrument includes 22
items that measure user satisfaction of KRSTE.my. A total of
271 Malaysian citizen registered subscribers that has accessed to
the system are involved in this study. Quantitative research
methods have been employed in data collection process
conducted over a period of seven weeks. This study involved a
statistical analysis to determine significant factors that measure
user satisfaction on KRSTE.my. Results from the analysis
indicate that the instrument is reliable which show all items
measuring the six dimensions are correlated. The finding of the
study shown that knowledge content and knowledge map gives a
high level of satisfaction to the user based on the mean score.
While only the knowledge security, knowledge manipulation,
knowledge usefulness and knowledge community are at moderate
level of satisfaction. Overall, user satisfaction is high on
KRSTE.my with the mean score of 3.49 (of the maximum score of
5). This study also makes an important contribution in
determining the level of user satisfaction toward KRSTE.my as a
KMS. In addition, the study produced a reliable instrument.

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