Functioning of psychiatric daycare users in Japan and the background factors that affect their abilities

Miyuki Saito, Mariko Kato


The present study aimed to clarify the state of and background factors affecting functioning in Users of psychiatric daycare centers in Japan. A questionnaire survey based on the Self-Rating Scale for Functioning of Individuals with Mental Disorders was conducted on 1,176 Users and 916 psychiatric hospital outpatients between September 2008 and February 2009. The mean functioning score of Users was 91.4±19.1 points, which was higher than that of Patients. Functioning scores were higher in Users with goals compared to those without goals. Background factors that led to improvement in functioning scores of Users were short duration of daycare use, having a goal other than to control symptoms, high assertiveness, and doing most of the cleaning at home


for Functioning of Individuals with Mental Disorders; schizophrenia; psychiatric daycare centers

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