Application of Markov Process Technique For Optimal Maintenance in a Power Station

Indra Gunawan ., Deepak Patel .


Maintenance, reliability and availability
of Pulverised Fuel Mills are of vital importance for
the effective and efficient running of boiler at any
brown coal power station. Achieving these targets
become more critical when the unit boiler and
turbine have been upgraded with no major
upgrade on mills. Mill redundancy play major role
in overall boiler operation and performance. In
this paper, present mill operating strategy at Loy
Yang Power station is challenged and revised
strategy is proposed with strong evidences proved
with the application of Markov Processes. Markov
analysis is done at mill system level to establish the
facts about the effects of mill operation on system
availability. Short term and long term benefits of
revised strategy are also discussed. Management is
now convinced and actual trials have started. Mill
maintenance strategies shall be reviewed and
revised based on this work. It is also expected to
gain considerable savings on mill maintenance
costs in coming years if proposed operating
strategy is adopted.

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