Use of Statistical Methods for the Analyses of Hypotheses “Purchase Real Estate Represents Protection Against Inflation”

Higher lecturer Ksenija Golob, MSc ., Full professor Majda Bastič, PhD ., Maribor, Slovenia ., Assistant Professor Igor Pšunder, PhD .


Purchase of real estate is important from an economic perspective and individual perspective. On the price of real estate affected many technical and economic factors. One of them is inflation.
The impact of inflation on the purchase and the price of real estate has already been studied many authors. But their opinions differ depending on the location where surveys were carried out. Therefore, we decided that with the help of different statistical methods, we examine the hypothesis “Purchase Real Estate Represents Protection Against Inflation” for the Slovenian real estate market.
For the implementation of research, were used the following statistical methods: t-test, ANOVA, Levine test and "post - hoc" analysis.
Based on the hypotheses and using statistical methods, we found that purchase of Real estate represent protection against inflation.
The survey results will assist investors in deciding to purchase the real estate, scientists in developing the concept of methodological approaches for assessing real estate, real estate valuers in assessing real estate values in a given period and country in predicting and creation the state budget.

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