Zero In ated Negative Binomial Dependent Death Rate of Age Model (ZINBDR):Regression Analysis Mortality

Mohd Asrul Aendi bin Abdullah ., Elmi Omar Salad ., Nyi Nyi Naingy, ., Abdul Kudusz, .


Traditionally negative binomial was used where
Poisson distribution in analysis existing overdis-
persion. Like Poisson distribution,negative bino-
mial is also widely used in medical, epidemiologi-
cal studies, aquaculture and accident analysis and
any related. When there is an excess number of
zero count useful approach to use a mixture model
with a proportion ! of subjects not at risk, and
a proportion of 1 􀀀 ! at risk subject who take
on outcome values following negative binomial dis-
tribution. Explanatory variables eects can be
incorporated into both components in the mod-
els. In AIDS assessment, mortality rate is highly
recorded and full consideration is needed in this
problem.This study analyzes the death rate of age
by operationalized factor analysis. It shows that
several factor are associated with death rate in
AIDS assessment during period between 2000- 2008
for Kelantan state, Malaysia.

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