Corporate Image: Consolidation of Pioneer Architecture with Innovative Structure

Konstantina Demiri


Factories are historically a category of buildings where
pioneer architectural forms interweave with innovative
structures in order to fulfill the spatial requirements of the
production process and also to promote an image of the company
addressed internally and externally to its domain. Selected
examples from the early 19th century until today show that
initially a shift occurred from the era of references to classical
precedents to an age of modern monumentality within the
framework of Modernism. Later on, in the post-Fordist period
flexibility and high-tech idiom prevailed and recently the
industrial space is considered as an area of spectacle and
expression of sustainable values. Transparency as a desired
quality of the corporate image has interpreted and applied in
various ways during the 20th century.


corporate image, monumentality, flexibility, transparency, innovation, environmental sensibility, structural system, architectural form, Fordism, post-Fordism

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