Climate Assessment of Orientation Design in the Housing Master Plan Close to the Airport

A. Erni Setyowati, B. Hendro Trilistyo


This study is a continuation research of Sustainable
Master plan Design in Residential Area Near the Airport which
was previously conducted. In that study, it has been known that
the angles of 135° and 180° towards the runway are the most
effective angles which can reduce noise emitted from the airport.
For reviewing the climate aspects, models are fitted in those
angles, and then the observation of climatic aspects such as:
temperature, humidity and wind speed should be conducted to
review their influence to noise received by inhabitants. The
research methods used were polynomial regressions of
goniometric. And the results are correlation models of noise level
to temperature, humidity and wind speed.


Climate Assessment; housing master plan design; polynomial regressions of goniometric

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