Developing Students’ Interest by Using Weblog Learning

Yayu Laila Sulastri, A. Barnas EK, Luki Luqmanul Hakim


The observations on the Calculus I course shows that
students’ interest of this course are low. The problems are due to
low ability students and the learning process that is being done
by lecturers. This study reveals Influence of blogs on learning
Calculus I in effort to increase students’ interest. The purpose of
this study is: to identify trends of interest in studying Calculus I
courses through learning by using weblogs, benefits of this
research is to improve the quality of learning for faculty, add
insight, knowledge and experience for students, especially in the
Calculus I course. The method used is a quasi experiment. The
subject research is the students of the third semester of the
academic year 2012/2013, with the object of the research is the
interest of the students.


Students’Interest, Weblog Learning, Weblog.

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