Historical Mechanisms: An Approach to Transfer Scientific Categories to History

A. Boldt .


Abstract—Historical Mechanisms allow rational analysis of
world history under Unitarian views in its complexities and
dialectical differences especially power structures and their
conflicts. Apparent specialties relate themselves, after
modifications of space and time without losing anything of their
fascination. Following Goethe, the general exists out of many
peculiarities but within peculiarities is always the general.
Exceptions can be explained easier. Historical Mechanisms
represent the unity of world historical processes which usually
would fall apart with the enormous chaos of details. Naturally a
Unitarian and absolute formula for world history still cannot be
found. But the categories and metaphors from the natural
sciences allow a better overview of historical processes. Detailed
research is important as well, however, it needs to be located
within world historical lines, and otherwise specific events cannot
be understood in their full extent. In the article several
metaphors and pictures will be presented which only serve for a
better understanding of such processes and simplify them.


Historical Mechanisms, patterns, history, natural sciences, metaphor.

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