Interpretation of Movie Posters from the Perspective of Multimodal Discourse Analysis

Yunru Chen, Xiaofang Gao


Given the remarkable development of multimedia
and computer technology in the information age, the previous
dominant role of language in mass media and communication is
challenged by other semiotic resources such as image, sound and
action. Accordingly, new grammars must be formulated to give a
comprehensive account of the integrative meaning generated by
the interaction of different modalities in discourse. The theory of
multimodal discourse analysis (MDA), which is theoretically
based on Systemic-Functional Linguistics, solves the problem to
most degree. In the light of the grammar of visual design by
Kress and van Leeuwen, this paper intends to formulate a model
for MDA of movie posters. A qualitative and interpretative
approach is used to hold an in-depth discussion which helps to
testify the feasibility of this model and also to point out the key to
the application of this model. The present study may not only
enlarge the application area of Systemic-Functional Linguistics,
but also fill in a gap in discourse analysis of movie posters.


movie posters, multimodal discourse analysis, Systemic-Functional Linguistics

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