Design,Development and Evaluation of Biochemistry Virtual Laboratory for Blended Learning

Authors Liang Ye, Nai Sum Wong, Joanna Wen Ying Ho


Abstract— This paper examines students’ reflection on the design and development of a prototype biochemistry virtual laboratory (vLab) at the University of Hong Kong. Second year students from the MBBS programme were divided into two groups. One group (non-vLab) took part in the original didactic lecture while the other group (vLab) joined in the trial blended virtual lab learning session. The learning outcomes were evaluated by a post-lab knowledge comprehension quiz and the class performances were analyzed. In addition, students’ perceptions toward blended vLab learning experience were evaluated by questionnaires. The group with the vLab experience achieved higher quiz results. However, their evaluation and feedback with regard to the vLab learning experience were rather critical, which provided valuable insights for further improvements on the instructional design.


blended learning; virtual lab, virtual learning;biochemistry education ; learning asessment

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