Teaching the Structures of Academic Writing through Peer Review: A Study on the Beginners of English Language Courses at BRAC University

Md. Aftab Uddin Chowdhury, Mohammad Akteruzzaman


Substantial peer feedback of the students through peer review in the context of EFL or ESL can help them become skilled at different structures and strategies of academic writing in English rather than receiving feedback from teachers in the classroom. However, most of the students at English language classes in Bangladesh do not appreciate the significance of following the structures of academic writing from the lectures of the respective teachers immediately. On the other hand, most of the English language instructors in their classes are not used to encouraging their students to provide peer feedback through peer review. Therefore, this paper will be focusing on the issues regarding how peer review can be utilized for the beginners of English language courses in terms of making them aware of the structures of academic writing. Moreover, this paper will make an attempt to find out whether peer review makes them a better writer, a more rational thinker or a more critical appreciator of peers’ writings. At last, this paper will present some recommendations on how peer review can develop the students’ creativity while producing thought provoking and critical comments on their peers’ writing.


peer review, structures of academic writing, critical appreciation of writing

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