Learning via Blogging: The ESL/EFL Perspective

Sanyat Sattar


The use of technology in language learning is not an unfamiliar concept. ‘Weblogs’ or ‘Blogs’ are a type of technological category that allows writing personal journals online that can be published and viewed over the web. Even though blogs are being used for personal, educational, journalistic and commercial purposes worldwide nowadays, it is not a common practice for the non-native English users. This paper shows how blogs can be an effective tool for “English as a Foreign Language”/ “English as a Second Language” (EFL/ESL) users of non-native English speakers in order to improve their English skills. It also explains how blogging not only can help in improving the basic language skills of the blog users, but also in developing their other skills like communicative and critical thinking abilities.


blog; internet; ESL/EFL; education, learning

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