The Role of Achievement Motivation Training Model-Based on E-Learning to Clarify Future Education Orientation of Adolescent in Jatinangor, Indonesia

Yanti Rubiyanti Iskandar, Langgersari Elsari Novianti, Shantosa Yudha Siswanto


The study is an applied research aimed to investigate the role of motivation training on future orientation of adolescent in Jatinangor, Indonesia. Future orientation is individual orientation of adolescence in future context. It become a guidance to achieve systematic changes to accomplish their goal (Nurmi 1991). The study used posttest design experimental approach to investigate the role of training. Measurement tools consist of observation notes, training evaluation questioner and future orientation questioner. The results of the study indicated that future orientation of adolescent in Jatinangor considered as high. It shows the object already have clear future orientation. The biggest contribution aspect for their future orientation is motivation. Planning and evaluation aspects are still considered as intermediate level. This result indicates that adolescent still needs to be guided to get strategies and methods in order to plan their future. Motivation training was conducted to assists adolescent to plan and determine their goals and also make strategy to implement their planning. After training, they were more motivated to continue their education to a higher level, aware of education strategy, able to enhance knowledge about interested subject and kind of occupation they can do in the future.


adolescence, future orientation, training

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