The Development of VMeet based on Evaluation Result of Online Model Blended Learning with LMS Moodle in Universitas Padjadjaran

Jenny Ratna Suminar, Yanti Rubiyanti, Irfan Ardiansah


VMeet is software which is developed to facilitate video conference activity, equiped with account and user name. Currently, Unpad has had VMeet facilities that can be used by lecturers for learning activities. In order to implement VMeet in learning activities, it is required input data related to the opportunities and lecturers’ interest. The data used was based on the evaluation result of online learning process by applying VMeet trial. Besides LMS Moodle, at this time, Unpad also uses other softwares such VMeet, which is recently tested for managerial and then developed further for learning process. The result from four departments in Unpad, showed that VMeet had not yet performed effectivelly in online learning process. This due to technical factors, there were many obstacles in learning with VMeet, also many features that were overlap with LMS Moodle. Nevertheless, VMeet will continue to be tested broadly and optimal.


Blended Learning, Learning Evaluation, LMS Moodle, VMeet

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