Vol 5, No 2 (2017)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


An Assistive Technology Framework for Communication with Hearing Impaired Persons PDF
Akarshani Amarasinghe, Prasad Wimalaratne
Utilization of Avatar-based Technology in The Area of Sign language... A Review PDF
Khoulah A. Alhefdhi, Ahmad A. Alhamed
Universal Algorithm for Creating A Small Scale Reusable Simulation Data in Real-time Strategy Games PDF
Damijan Novak, Aleš Čep, Kristjan Košič, Domen Verber
Automated Interactive Visualization on Abstract Concepts in Computer Science PDF
Congmin Mao, Haoran Yu, Jiaxin Shi, Tingjun Cai, Boyang Yang
Developing Work-Ready Software Engineers using Real-world Team-based Projects as a Catalyst for Learning PDF
Ian Cooper, Christopher Gwilliams, Wendy Ivins, Carl Jones, Matthew Turner
An Empirical Study of a Hybrid Code Clone Detection Approach on Java Byte Code PDF
Aritra Ghosh, Young Lee
APRT – Another Pattern Recognition Tool PDF
Chris Bates, Ashley Robinson
Orientation Based Accelerometer Analysis (OBAA) for Mobile Gestures: Memorable Authentication PDF
Andrew Holland, Tony Morelli
Visualising Volumetric Fractals PDF
Paul Bourke
The Moderating Effects of Network Centrality between IT Initiatives and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study PDF
Yucong Liu