Vol 4, No 4 (2016)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


Interference Cancellation with Beamforming and Power Control in Cooperative Networks PDF
Mongkol Somrobru
Designing Digital Games for Reflecting the Performance of Dynamic Balance PDF
Wen-Shou Chou, Hsuan-Liang Lin
Efficient Cloud Gaming Resource Provision Via Multi-dimensional Bin-Packing PDF
Ritthichai Jitpukdeebodintra, Suntorn Witosurapot
A Competence-Based Course Authoring Concept for Learning Platforms with Legacy Assignment Tools PDF
Matthias Then, Benjamin Wallenborn, Birgit R. Ianniello, Duc Binh Vu, Tobias Swoboda, Michael Fuchs, Matthias L. Hemmje
Analysis on Using Synthesized Singing Techniques in Assistive Interfaces for Visually Impaired to Study Music PDF
Kavindu Ranasinghe, Dr. Lakshman Jayaratne
A Proposal for UI-flexible, Loosely-coupled Programming Learning System for Undergraduates PDF
Tomokazu Hayakawa, Chika Nishikado, Teruo Hikita
AHP-based Adaptive Resource Selection for Cognitive Platform in Cloud Gaming Service PDF
Atchara Rueangprathum, Somchai Limsiroratana, Suntorn Witosurapot