Intelligent Multidimensional Modelling

Swati Hira ., Dr. Parag S. Deshpande .


On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems considerably ease the process of analyzing business data and have become widely used in industry. Such systems primarily employ multidimensional data models to structure their data. However, current multidimensional data models fall short in time and skills to model the complex data found in some real-world application domains. Multidimensional data Analysis is based on Measure, Dimensions and Hierarchies. Process to find them manually is very crucial and time consuming because large and complex data is involved across multiple regions, products, and employees. This paper presents an Intelligent Multidimensional modelling system which helps the modeller in building multidimensional model and provides working at logical level by hiding heterogeneousity of physical database. The paper proposes the process to identify Measures, Dimensions, and Hierarchies to generate multidimensional model.

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