Who is Contingent on Whom? The Internet on Society, or the Society on Internet?

Niti Chopra .


This concept paper attempts to look at the many ways in which production, distribution and utilization of media content has completely changed in today’s digitised world. It tries to explore the newly emerging ideas around Journalism and Communication practices and the concerns that now prevail in social and professional echelons about the modern day contours that all media have acquired .The discussion dwells upon how the internet and new media tools have steadily and surely changed the very fabric of societies, and the basic dynamics of present day living. It examines how anarchy of sorts in access and delivery of content and the irrepressible usage of technology enabled platforms juxtapose with the telecom and other regulatory mechanisms and attempts that are being put in place to control the surge in media proliferation. The Paper may help to explore the relevance of newer means/models of regulation and control in a truly fast changing and emerging media space. The stupendous rate at which newer media and internet applications are getting thrown up for use abets to the fact that it is as much about w hat people do with the internet as what the internet does to people.

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