Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to Measure Sociological Impact on Education

Rev. P.R. Jayathilaka ., Lakshman Jayaratne .


Education and Society are closely bound, such that they cannot be separated from each other because education builds up society and on the other hand society is the source of education .Education transfers culture, knowledge and etc of a society from one generation to the next. Hence, better education is for a better society and healthier society becomes the foundation of better education. Education could be formal, informal and non-formal and in this research, formal education is the prime concern. The research is aimed at tracing the correlation between the sociological environment of a Sri Lankan student and his/her educational performance during the grades 10 and 11. A thorough survey was conducted covering a selected sample of population to extract data from the students on their social aspects and conduct and their performance in the G.C.E (O Level) Examination results. A Neural Network with a Fuzzy interface was trained on past data and the performance of the network was evaluated using a test data set. The results with nearly 65% accuracy are encouraging in order to further improve the methodology towards better results. However, the final goal of the research is to prepare the ground to develop a tool which helps counselors to make decisions while helping students to enhance performance at G.C.E (O Level) Examination.

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