Controlling A Robot in Unreachable Places with GPS and Ultrasonic Sensors

Sadeq Othman AlHamouz


Guiding and navigating a robot through obstacles can be integrated into many applications; such as guiding visually impaired people, or driving the robot through an unknown terrain. As such developing a reliable robot which, in addition to being remotely navigated, can analyze its’ path and concludes the best-unobstructed route is required. The use of Neural Networks to analyze received data from sensors to decide on the best path provides high reliability as well as fast routing. This will also help in preserving robot’s motors’ power. This research implements a Festo-Robotino robot that has six ultrasonic sensors to navigate through a multi-obstacle path to decide on the best route to take. This system is also equipped with a GPS to locate it and remotely control it if necessary.


robot; Neural Network; Global Positioning System; ultrasonic sensor; controller

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