Vol 5, No 3 (2017)

Journal on Computing (JoC)

Table of Contents


The Impact of Social Influence and Trust on Customer-to-Customer Online Shoppers’ Purchase Intention: An Empirical Study in Indonesia PDF
Minsani Mariani, Andi Muhamad Iqbal Lamarauna
Content Based Cross-Domain Recommendation Using Linked Open Data PDF
Lakshman Jayaratne
Collapsible Tabular Visualization of Aspects in Object Oriented Programming
Md Nahid Rahman, Md Naim Hossain, Young Lee
Balanced Abstract Web-MVC Style: An Abstract MVC Implementation for Web-based Applications PDF
Nalaka R. Dissanayake, Kapila Dias
Human Activity Recognition System Based-on Sequential Logic Circuits and Statistical Models PDF
Nattapon Noorit, Nikom Suvonvorn
Experience-based Personalized Diversification of Recommendations PDF
Lakshman Jayaratne
Controlling A Robot in Unreachable Places with GPS and Ultrasonic Sensors PDF
Sadeq Othman AlHamouz