Balanced Abstract Web-MVC Style: An Abstract MVC Implementation for Web-based Applications

Nalaka R. Dissanayake, Kapila Dias


The features and the capabilities of web applications
are growing rapidly, and the complexities and difficulties of
web applications engineering are also growing in parallel. If
the architectural formalism of these advanced web applications
is well realized, the complexities could be understood, thus the
difficulties could be reduced. Model-View-Controller (MVC)
has been recognized as a well-formed architectural style, and
has been widely used in web applications engineering in
various forms of implementations. These MVC
implementations are heavily dependent on specific set of
technologies and/or some other facts; hence, they do not
provide an abstract realization to be used in a wider range of
web application engineering. We propose an implementation of
MVC in more abstract form, which – we think – will increase
the realization of the advanced web applications, thus lower the
engineering complexities and difficulties of web applications.
We believe that this implementation is more applicable in a
wider range of environments and technologies, and will upturn
the architectural properties like performance and
modifiability. Based on this implementation we introduce an
MVC based architectural style for web applications. In future,
we expect to improve this further towards supporting Rich
Internet Applications.


MVC; Software architecture; Web applications

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